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Looking to buy text links? You've come to the right place. Here you can buy backlinks on high quality, relevant sites to boost your SEO campaign.

Our link building services provide advertisers with the highest quality backlinks possible. Buying text link advertising from questionable sources can often lead to less than optimal results. That's why we've pre-screened all of our publishers, to ensure that the page rank, traffic, and content of the site you are purchasing advertising from is of the highest quality.

buy text links

Publishers, Generate Revenue from Your Website!

Publishers, now you can easily generate revenue by selling text links on your high quality websites.

Enter your url, choose a category, give us a brief description, set your own pricing, indicate where your links would be placed, and let us do the rest!

Once your site is in our inventory, it will be seen by 1000's of advertisers. When an advertiser purchases a text link ad on your site, you'll be notified by email, and you'll have a chance to review the site that wants the link before you publish it.

Publishers receive 70% of your sale price, the highest commission percentage in the text link advertising industry. Paypal payments are sent out each month that your AdhocAds account balance is over $25.

Text advertising is the easiest and most unobtrusive way to monetize your site. Unlike banner ads that take up alot of space, and are extremely distracting to your readers, text links are small and simple, and are usually set at a monthly rate, regardless of how often they are clicked, or how often they are displayed.

Help Us Make Better For You!

You heard right.

We're looking for suggestions on how we can make a better experience for those looking to buy text link ads.

Here's what we do so far.
- We pre-screen all of the sites submitted, to make sure they meet minimum quality requirements.
- We categorize and require a description of each site to make it easier for you to find sites that are relevant to you.
- We ask publishers to provide a description of where the link will be placed.
- We ask publishers to describe types of sites they will not link to.

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